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About Backyard Nature Explorers

Monarch Butterfly
Why Backyard Nature Explorers? It turns out there is really so much that you can learn just from walking out into your backyard. If you do not have a backyard that is okay too, you can take advantage of local nature parks (we do this often), zoos, aquariums and even some museums. What I consider my backyard is however far I am willing to drive to get out and explore, for us it is usually up to 2 hours away. I think that it is very important to get not only kids but adults connected with nature. Being a homeschool mom, I am always trying to come up with ideas to make learning fun and interesting. When I use the nature that is around us this becomes and easy task, you can cover just about all of your subjects by using nature. What is great is that you don’t have to spend hours outside exploring, you really can discover new and amazing things but just taking a few minutes and really observing what is around you. Although you may end up like us and get sidetracked with all of the nature around you. ¬†We like to think of ourselves as true Backyard Nature Explorers, so you will be able to come along with us and learn about all of the interesting nature we discover, I can assure you that I will be learning right along with you!

Even though we homeschool, I don’t want you to think that you have to homeschool in order to take advantage of these ideas, they really are for everyone! I find that by incorporating nature into our daily lives that not only is my daughter happier, but it really brings us together as a family. We now have a common interest and use it to be able to spend a lot of quality time together.


I will be honest with you before my daughter came along I never knew that there was so much to discover and learn right in our own backyard. We try to go outside every day just to explore the backyard, you never know what is waiting to be discovered. There have been some pretty amazing discoveries made by doing this. Not only are we able to learn more about the nature that surrounds us on a daily basis, but it helps to make you feel more connected to nature. Who would have thought that you could spend hours just walking around your yard and exploring? Even if you come across something that you may have seen before, always stop and take a look, you never know what they may be doing. I am going to share all of our amazing discoveries with you. So come along with us as we get out and explore the nature in your area and make more backyard discoveries!

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