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Living With Alligators – Our Newest Neighbor

living with alligators

Some people are really hesitant about living with alligators, especially this time of year. But I am as in awe of them now as I always have been. So, it is spring time which means it is time for a lot of animals to start their mating and breeding. This is the case with the alligators. If you live in Florida and have chosen to live on the water as I have or to visit any of the Florida waters this time of year, you should learn what to watch out for and how to have a respect for the alligators

As I said being spring the alligators have begun their courtship, which begins in early April if you are lucky enough to witness this it is an amazing site. In May or June is when the mating begins. The females will build a mound nest of soil, vegetation, or debris and deposit an average of 32 to 46 eggs in late June or early July. After the female lays her eggs the incubation period is approximately 63-68 days, and hatching occurs from mid-August through early September.

My daughter and I get really excited this time of year because we always tend to get a new neighbor. We have one this year as well and are hoping for a nest. Now even though we are excited and hope to be able to see an alligator nest there are things that you have to consider and learn when it comes to living with alligators. For example, females this time of year are going to be overly protective and defensive of their nests. This is because they have to guard their clutches against predators such as raccoons, opossums, hogs, bears and unfortunately humans. You should ALWAYS keep a safe distance from alligators and give them their space, but this time of year is even more important. On the Everglades National Park Facebook page, they said to “Make sure to give alligators their space (minimum 15 feet).” I personally having lived on the water with them for 15 years highly recommend a bigger distance especially if you observing alligators with your kids.

With all of that being said living with alligators can be a great experience as long as you learn to observe from a safe distance. We are going to keep our eyes open, and if we see a nest I will definitely update you all with the information. Hopefully, we see a nest this year and get to get pictures of the babies after they have hatched. I will keep you posted.

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