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Nature Explorer Books

nature explorer books

We love books in our house. For us there is no such thing as having too many books. Some of our favorite books would have to be our Nature Explorer Books. We have a whole section just for our nature books.

In my opinion some of the best nature explorer books for kids would have to be the ones that have fun facts in them, places for the kids to write their discoveries, fun activities for them to try while out in nature and of course engaging pictures. As backyard nature explorers we rely on our books for learning and identification. The first thing we do when we make a new discovery, after taking a picture of course is to go straight to our books. We do use the internet too, but only after we have checked to see if we can find anything in the books first.

If you are a first time explorer that’s okay, there are plenty first time nature explorer books to choose from. Here are some that not only my daughter but I have found interesting.

nature explorer booksYour Backyard Is Wild: Junior Explorer Series (Jeff Corwin)nature explorer booksThe Nature Connection: An Outdoor Workbooknature explorer booksForest Explorer: A Life-sized Field Guidenature explorer booksNature Explorer: Explore Nature With Over 100 Activitiesnature explorer booksThink Like a Scientist in the Backyard (Explorer Junior Library: Science Explorer Junior)nature explorer booksThe Nature Explorer’s Handbook: How to make friends w/snails & other creatures

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